Erin T O’Neill - Field Agent

Erin T O’Neill - Field Agent






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I would like to introduce myself to all the brother Knights and their families tied to council 09976.  My name is Erin O’Neill and I grew up in Billings. I attended Catholic Schools for most of my elementary and middle school years and also graduated from Billings Central Catholic High in 1992.

I joined the KC’s about 6 years ago, mainly because of all the work the Knights have done for the Christians in the middle east who are heavily persecuted, even today.  All three of my kids are half Assyrian, the oldest Christians on the face of the earth. Many do not know there are Catholics in Iraq, Iran, Syria, Turkey, etc….. I came to my council 13050 @ St. Thomas parish in Billings and asked to join.  It was funny to see them scramble to find a form 100, LOL.

Like many of our members today, I worked outside the faith in the secular world for most of my time as a brother Knight.  However, sometime in late 2017, I was searching for much more than my secular work could provide. I said a prayer one night and asked God to help me find a career path where I could live out my faith more fully, protect and defend the faith, and support my family.  Well, as many of you know, be careful what you pray for because you just might get an answer you didn’t expect. The very next day I received a letter in the mail asking me to consider being a field agent for the Knights of Columbus. I made the move that day and started to transition into being a field agent towards the end of 2017.

One of the greatest fraternal benefits afforded to a brother Knight and his family is a full time dedicated field agent that works on his and his family’s behalf for free.  I am a licensed professional with the state of Montana, who’s purpose is to provide valuable advice and planning for your family throughout the various stages that families go through in life.  I have helped newborns to those who are well into their 90’s and every stage in between.

The greatest impact a brother Knight can have for the good of the Order, for the good of their own council, and for the good of the world, is to be an insured member of the order.  For it is the success of our insurance program that allows for the massive charitable giving worldwide. Once I became a field agent this became more abundantly clear than ever before.  

In the words of our supreme Knight Carl Anderson:

“This is a critical point to understanding the role that Knights of Columbus Insurance plays, not only in the mission of the Order, but in the day-to-day action of the Order throughout the world. The insurance program is a powerful financial engine that supports much of the good works we do. Through the insurance program, we are blessed with the opportunity to give generously and support numerous charitable and spiritual causes, building up society and the Church.

Of course, this is closely tied to our Catholic identity and the fact that charity is our first principle. We are called to be “our brother’s keeper,” and to look after the physical and spiritual well-being of those around us. But the fact is that without the insurance program, much of what we do, particularly at the Supreme Council level, would simply not be possible.”

I look forward to many years serving the brother Knights tied to council 09976 at St. Pius X.  This is an extraordinary program, spearheaded by extraordinary brother Knights in the field who have made it their mission to carry on Father McGivney’s goal of providing financial protection to Catholic families. Why would you look elsewhere?

With the Knights of Columbus, you are doing business with brothers. You are doing business with an authentically Catholic company, and one whose ethical integrity and financial strength are well-documented and widely recognized.

By becoming an insurance member, you are taking advantage of the greatest fraternal benefit that we offer and taking the critical step of protecting your family. It’s a responsibility that we all have — especially as fathers — and one that we can fulfill with the help of the Knights of Columbus.